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Eucharist 8:00 and 10:00 am

Morning Prayer 7:30

Church School - 9:45 am


9:00 am Eucharist


Office Hours: Tuesday Ė Friday, 10am Ė 2pm


Location: Click here for a map

17435 NW West Union Rd.,

Portland, OR 97229     

Phone: (503) 645-0744

"The Mission of St. Gabriel the Archangel Episcopal Church is to share the knowledge and

love of Jesus Christ and to help each other on our spiritual journey with God"

News & Announcements:

Womenís Retreat: The women of St. Gabrielís have a retreat opportunity coming up on Friday, Sept. 26ďHealing Oils of the Bible,Ē a one-and-a-half day retreat, will take place at Cedar Ridge Retreat Center in Vernonia starting at 5 pm on Friday, Sept. 26 and ending at 4 pm the following day, with an optional dinner for participants at La Cabana Restaurant in Vernonia to follow.  Cost of the retreat is $95, and payment is due by Sunday, September 21.  See sign-up sheet in the narthex. 

St. Gabriel Feast Day Celebration:  Pot Luck, September 28th, 11:30am.  Main dish will be provided by the Fellowship Team, A-K desserts, L-P Salad & veggies, Q-Z fruit -chips. 

1st Friday Ė October 3rd:  The Steering Committee will be hosting this event.  Please join us for the Boora Presentation on the status of our Phase II Expansion.  Sign-up Sheet is posted on the bulletin board in the narthex. 

Yew Life Center joins St. Gabrielís Endowment Committee in sponsoring ďPlanning Your Financial FutureĒseminars 

  • Sunday, November 2  Getting started: Estate planning for young families

  • Sunday, February 15    Mid-Life Concerns: Incapacity and Medical Assistance

  • TBD -   Growing Older: Taxes, Gifting, and charitable donations

Seminars will be presented by experienced estate planning attorneys.  All of these sessions are appropriate for families throughout the age spectrum. They are designed to help individuals gain peace of mind by clarifying  the decision making processes surrounding financial concerns at all stages of life. The goal is to help you understand your options in Estate Planning.  If you are without clear instructions for your wishes the State of  Oregon will make these decisions for you. Be prepared! All seminars will be held  following the Sunday services at 11:45.  Childcare and food will be provided.  Flyers detailing these seminars can be found in the narthex along with a sign-up sheet. The seminars are open to the public so ask your friends to join you.

Green Community: St. Gabrielís wants to be true to our commitment to be a green community, and we would like to move forward using only biodegradable, green cleaning products. In the future if you donate or purchase cleaning products for the kitchen, classrooms or restrooms please make sure they fit into this category. See the full list on the sign on the church bulletin board.

Family and Church School


All families are asked to please fill out a church school, nursery and youth registration for 2014-15 school year even if they did last year. They are available under the church school bulletin board in the church narthex.


SAFE church training starts up in the fall. All paid employees of the church and preschool, all BAC members and anyone who volunteers with children or youth ministries should attend SAFE training designed to prevent harassment or abuse of children. We will have a training at St. Gabrielís on Sunday, Nov. 9th after the 10:00 am service at St. Gabrielís from 12:30-4:30 pm with lunch provided and costs $10. Register on the website of the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon or directly at the event registration link <here>


A little playground etiquette is necessary now that we have a new play space for our church and school. What we ask is: play safe; after you are finished playing please hang tools back up and make the space look inviting for the next person; keep the gate closed; do your best to keep sand in the sandbox, dirt in the dirt boxes and garden plot, and please donít dump lots of sand or dirt into the water table. Have fun and be kind to each other, and letís enjoy our new play space together!  



 Our preschool is open! We will continue to accept students throughout the school year so donít stop recommending St. Gabriel Episcopal School to family, friends and neighbors! Like our facebook page to keep up with whatís going on at www.facebook.com/stgabrielpreschool. Contact info: preschool@stgabrielonline.org 

The Messenger is available for pick-up in the narthex for those without email.


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