Morning Prayer




Deacon Tom LangWelcome to St Gabriel Episcopal Church virtual  Morning Prayer II, the 2nd  Rite.  Iím Deacon Tom and Iíll will be your Officiant. You are invited to just listen, or you can use your Book of Common Prayer and follow along. I will announce the page numbers. I will have 3 readings, and 2 Canticles. During our prayers I will read only the first name from this past Sundayís bulletin.  After we conclude morning prayer I will share the Saint of the Day from Holy Woman, Holy Men and conclude with  a dismissal. I hope you enjoy being with us.


Our readings for the week can be found starting on page 937. We are in Year 2.   I will follow the suggested order for Canticles as outlined on page 144.

I will also alternate between the Venite, Jubilate and Christ the King and I will alternate between the 2 versions of the Lordís Prayer and between Suffrages A and B.


Monday         Canticle 9 (page 86)  and 19 (page 94), the Venite (page 82), and the left side Lordís Prayer (page 97), Suffrages A (page 97)

Tuesday        Canticle 13 (page 90) and 18 (page 93), the Jubilate (page 82), and the right side Lords Prayer (page 97), Suffrages B (page 98)

Wednesday  Canticle 11 (page 87) and 16 (page 92), the Christ our Passover (page 83) , the left side Lords Prayer (page 97), Suffrages A (page 97)

Thursday      Canticle 8 (page 85)  and 20 (page 94), the Jubilate (page 82), the right side Lords Prayer, (page 97) Suffrages B (page 98)

Friday            Canticle 14 (page 90) and 18 (page 93) , the Venite (page 82), The left side Lords Prayer (page 97), Suffrages A, (page 97)



A written version of the service in the Book of Common Prayer can be found here: