Roger Reynolds

I am a cradle Episcopalian.  I spent my formative years at little St. Lukeís Mission in Calistoga, California. I attended one of the original DeVry Institute of Technology schools in Phoenix Arizona, getting a degree in Electronic Technology and then working for Motorola in Mesa Arizona for 6 years before moving to Oregon.  My home parish for those years was All Saints in Phoenix, where I sang in the choir and was their first LEM, or layreader/chalice bearer as was the case at the time.  At a Diocesan level I was active in Camps and Conferences.  After coming to Oregon in 1978, I spent several of my first years involved in Camps and Conferences as well, going back to the old Gerhardt Camp days.  I was a member at St. Bartís my whole time in Oregon, singing in the choir, playing at folk masses, teaching Sunday School, serving on vestry, as junior warden and senior warden.

As a deacon I have had ministries as a part time hospital chaplain, member of the board of a local organization of Police Chaplains, been a regular contributor to a religion column in the Oregonian, and most recently been active in homeless ministries.  I have served as Dean of the Sunset Convocation. At St. Bartís, I have led vestry retreats, Lenten programs, taught adult ed classes, assisted with Stephens Ministry training, and served as Spiritual Counselor for parish profile and rector search committees.  I have actively been involved in worship during my entire tenure, preaching, cantoring, leading worship, even officiating at memorial services as the need arose.  This is in addition to my normal liturgical  diaconal functions of reading the gospel, setting the table and giving the dismissal.

Career-wise, I have worked as an engineer most of my life.  I have worked in design, production, sales and marketing and field support.  Most of my time was spent working in the area of electronic instrumentation development and implementation for environmental monitoring of water resources, in this country and around the world.  Currently I work for PacifiCorp, a power utility company here in Portland.  My efforts are focused on hydropower, and I still spend considerable amount of time on site at PacifiCorpís many hydro projects located throughout the west, primarily here in Northern California, Southern Oregon and Southwest Washington.  I have been with PacifiCorp for 10 years.

I enjoy the outdoors, am an avid hiker and walker.  My family and I enjoy traveling together, with Disneyland and Disney World being two of our favorite destinations.