St Gabriel's
Stained Glass Window

  Jane Swan as a gift in honor of her family commissioned our window in December 1996.  Local artist, Gerry Veley, met with Jane and committee members, Kathy Lang, Fr. Craig MacColl and Debbie Kyler.  Polly Bass and Ann Wiitala were also involved in its relationship to our total building design. Jane and her committee explored the commissioning and installation of a window that would be reflective of St. Gabrielís as an extension to the community. 

Veley listened to their ideas, spending many hours in reflection in our sanctuary. The preference for a lighter non-stylized design was chosen to fit the open worship space because of the limited light behind the Yew tree, visible through a portion of the window.  The Yew tree is known for healing powers and is over 100 years old.  Reference to it is also found in the Old Testament.  Wagons and stagecoaches stopped in its shade during the early days of West Union.  Preserving it during our building construction and as the centerpiece of our memorial garden is an important part of this special place.

The committee embraced Veleyís design of a window with its theme representing our earthly connection - the church building and each of its members, with the Heavens through prayer, praise and worship sent upward, while Godís grace and the Holy Spirit are sent down to earth.
























Gerry Veley's Website

The large pink area represents the earth as Mt. Hood in sunrise and sunset with the lines on the mountain representing Hwy 26, Bethany Blvd. and West Union Road, the location of our church.

Our prayers and praise are represented in the circular white and blue areas arching upward on the left.  Godís blessings, grace and the Holy Spirit are the completion of the circular white and blue sections arching down on the right.

The heavens are represented by light and dark glass with the earthly skies of Oregonís rainy days symbolized in the beveled glass. 

Enjoy our window, study and reflect on it and look for angels or rainbows dancing on the sanctuary floor some Sunday mornings!