SaINT GABRIEL Family Ministry

St. Gabriel’s Church School Ministry strives to supplement and support the spiritual teaching of parents and grandparents, who are their children’s most important spiritual guides and teachers. Our church school teachers are volunteers, and all must pass a background check and attend a SAFE class teaching child safety required by the Episcopal Church.


Our Community Programs

Children’s Outreach


Summer Art Camp



Our Nursery

Our Church Nursery is available for children newborn-age 3 ½ years during the 10:00 am service. Parents are welcome to come drop their child off in the nursery–ask an usher for directions. Two experienced paid caregivers will care for your child during the service until Communion time when we ask you come get your child and bring them into the worship space with you. There is no charge for this but we do ask that you please fill out a registration form for the first visit so we have the information we need to care for your child.  Visiting children are welcome in the nursery!


Our Sunday School

All children preschool through 6th grade are welcome in our church school which is offered most Sundays (not when there is a family service) all year except July at 10:00 am.

  •  At 10:00 am children break off into our various classrooms organized by grade level, escorted by teachers. Ask an usher which classroom is appropriate for your children.
  • Teachers will bring children back into the worship space to join their families right before Communion.


Family Worship Services

We offer Family Worship Services every 4-6 weeks when children are invited to sit with their families in the sanctuary for the 10:00 am family service instead of attending church school. Worship is a celebration of belonging. By participating in worship children learn that they belong to Christ and are welcome in Christ’s church. Sitting in service regularly familiarizes children with our Episcopal way of worshiping including rituals, hymns and prayers. Inter-generational worship services can offer gifts for worshipers of all ages. Children give us the gift of trust and a fresh point of view, and adults can share the gift of acceptance, experience, and the wisdom of the church through the ages.


Youth Group

Our 7th-12th graders worship together each Sunday. They regularly perform service projects, enjoy fun events, and explore their individual spiritual growth. Pictured are the youth serving food to the homeless at Potluck in the Park.



Children’s Outreach

The Sunday school children at Saint Gabriel learn to share their love of Jesus with community outreach projects throughout the year. Pictured is our Advent project where the children collected Christmas cookies and delivered them to shut-in members of our community. Children have recently organized collection of food for food banks and helped with an ongoing spice cupboard project for William Temple House’s Food Pantry.



Saint Gabriel Art Camp

St. Gabriel Art Camp is a non-profit summer art camp for kids. Our 2020 Art Camp has been canceled due to the uncertainty surrounding the COVID crisis. Our 2021 theme will be “Chinook Trickster Tales: Coyote, Blue-jay, and Sasquatch” and will be based on local Native American stories and culture. Children will explore storytelling, music, visual arts, dance and movement, drama and ecology with a gentle spiritual component. Look for registration details in January 2021!



Our Preschool

Our Child-centered classrooms are based on the early childhood philosophy developed in Reggio Emilia, Italy. The curriculum is driven by the ideas and interests of the children. Teachers observe children engaging in their environment and forming relationships, document children’s verbal and written comments, and delve into children’s artwork, expressed interests, and actions to help determine each child’s learning direction and goals.

Learn More at Our Preschool Website