NOTE: Because of new COVID cautions, our church nursery has postponed its reopening. We will open as soon as conditions make it safe to do so.  When we do open, children age 2 and up and caregivers need to wear masks and there will be an attendance limit. Children who have a fever or do not feel well should not be placed in the nursery but kept at home. 

Although babies and children are always welcome in our sanctuary, when conditions allow our church nursery to open again it will once again be available for children newborn- age 4 years during the 10:00 am service. The nursery is down the right-side hall at the end of the entry (narthex) – ask an usher for directions. Parents can fill out an information form and leave their child in the loving care of our two experienced, Safe Church Trained, paid caregivers. A Seasons of Faith curriculum is available to be presented when appropriate. At Communion time you are invited to bring your child into the worship space to have Communion with you. There is no charge for using the nursery and visiting families are welcome to use it.


St. Gabriel’s family ministry respects the need for children to have their own way of worshipping as they start on their journey to learn to love Jesus. As we teach and celebrate the love of Jesus we strive to support parents, grandparents, and other grown-ups in their role as their child’s main spiritual mentor. In church school, we provide child-centered classrooms that respect the ways children learn. We offer worship and responses that help children grow their faith and develop a relationship with a loving God and their church community.

Church School During the Pandemic

NOTE: St. Gabriel church school and nursery has postponed our in-person reopening due to new COVID conditions until it is safe to gather again. When we do we will require children over 2 and teachers to wear masks. Until then, children are welcome to sit with their families in the sanctuary for any service.

In-Person Church School

St. Gabriel church school for children preschool through 5th grade will be offered online on Zoom at 9:30 am on Sundays. To get the Zoom link, please contact our church office at 503-645-0744 or We offer a “treasure bag” of materials for children to participate in activities at home- please let the office know if you would like these materials delivered to your home and provide your name, address, email, and phone number.

When church school is able to safely gather again, we will meet during the 10:00 am worship service. Children go into one of 2 classrooms organized by grade level (unless there is a family service), with children returning to the sanctuary in time to take Communion with their families. Children are always welcome to sit with their families in service, as well. Feel free to ask one of our ushers about the options for your child, including which classroom is most appropriate for them.


St. Gabriel’s youth ministry strives to supplement and support the spiritual teaching of parents, grandparents, and other adult mentors who are our teens’ most important spiritual guides and teachers. Our goals are: to create an accepting community of teens and leaders who gather for worship, discussion, bonding and fun; have a place for youth to go on Sunday morning; present service and outreach projects to work together to make a difference in the world; help others; learn servanthood; provide mentor opportunities for youth to work with children as well and older adults to mentor our youth; promote our Episcopal principles of inclusion, respect, tolerance, compassion, service and social justice; and encourage and strengthen life-long ties to the Episcopal Church.

Middle School 6th-8th Graders are welcome to sit (masked) in any worship service with their family in the sanctuary. NOTE: Due to new COVID conditions, our Middle School 6th-8th Graders meeting in-person in a classroom will be postponed until it is determined to be safe to gather again. When we can, middle schoolers will gather in our classroom #4 youth room during the 10:00 am service. They hear and discuss a version of the lectionary story, with their response mostly concentrating on service projects throughout the year by their request. Projects may include organizing the annual Egg Hunt and Advent Cookie Project; assisting local agencies such as food banks, William Temple House, or the Beaverton School District; collecting food, books, or health sundries for distribution to the needy; participating in earth-friendly activities; or designing their own project such as participating in Five Talents to fund microloans in developing countries. Once a month they will gather together or with the high schoolers and have a fun outing or event together.

High School 9th-12th Graders are welcome to join in with their church community (masked) at the Sunday 10:00 am or any of our worship services and are encouraged to participate.                                                  NOTE: Because of new COVID conditions, our Youth Group in-person gatherings will be postponed until it is safe to gather again. When it is safe to gather for youth group again we will offer opportunities for outreach service projects, discussions, fun outings, and mission trips.