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The Zoom links for joining our services are password protected. Please enter the password to access the links. Each link will open Zoom in a separate window.

How And When To Join Us For Worship

8:00 am Sunday Hybrid In-Person and Online Worship Service Rite I

Want a quieter, more contemplative worship experience? This is our Rite I spoken liturgy with prayers, readings, the sermon, and Communion. After service stick around and chat during our online coffee hour. Please contact our church office by email or call 503-645-0744 for the Zoom link password. The Sunday Rite I Service bulletin is available in a Google doc folder here.

10:00 am Sunday Hybrid In-Person and Online Worship Service Rite II with music

Want a service with music and children included? This is our Rite II liturgy with music from our church musicians and vocalists, prayers, readings, the sermon, and Communion. After the service stick around and chat during our online coffee hour. Please contact our church office by email or call 503-645-0744 for the Zoom link password. The Sunday Rite II service bulletin is available in a Google doc folder here.

Did you miss the live online Sunday worship services? No problem- access recordings of them on St. Gabriel’s YouTube channel or on the opening page of this website.

9:30 am Wednesday Hybrid In-Person and Online Worship Healing Service Rite I

This mid-week service is smaller and more intimate than Sunday services and does not include music. It follows the Rite I service while focusing on quiet worship, meditation, and healing of mind, body, and spirit. For the sermon, we will often look for inspiration in the life of a saint and there may be meditation and direct conversation with clergy. Please contact our church office by email or call 503-645-0744 for the Zoom link password. The service bulletin is available in a Google doc folder here.

What To Expect At Worship Services


St. Gabriel the Archangel Episcopal Church is an inclusive community that welcomes all to join us in discovering and celebrating Jesus’ affirming love. To keep everyone safe, everyone who attends our in-person services should follow the Covid guidelines including being vaccinated if eligible, optional mask-wearing, and using hand sanitizer.


Our traditional Episcopal way of worshipping will seem familiar to those with Anglican or Catholic backgrounds, but no matter what your spiritual background and experience, we offer fresh perspectives and creative touches within our liturgy. All services are hybrid, offered concurrently in-person and online via Zoom. We offer online worship booklets for each service so everyone, including newcomers to follow along, and printed service bulletins as well if worshipping in-person. If preferred, worshippers can use the Book of Common Prayer. Traditional hymns and contemporary music at our 10:00 am service will help draw you into our worship experience. Should the Spirit prompt, you can sing along at home with the aid of the on-screen lyrics.


Communion is offered at our in-person Sunday 8:00 and 10:00 am worship services and our Wednesday 9:30 am Healing Services. All are welcome to partake. Children in church school will be brought into the sanctuary by teachers in time to take Communion with their families. During the school year Youth (teens) will take Communion early and adjourn to our youth room for a short meeting.


• All who are eligible are encouraged to be vaccinated and boosted against Covid. Mask-wearing is optional, and everyone should wash their hands and use hand sanitizer frequently.

• We use a combination of a printed service bulletin provided to you, the Book of Common Prayer, and the Hymnal. If you need any guidance, just ask the person next to you in the pew and they will be happy to help.


  • To worship online over Zoom, you will need a computer, tablet, or smart phone to view the service.
  • To get the Zoom link, call our office at 503-645-0744 during office hours to get the link or to get the password to use on the opening page of this website.
  • To fully participate online you will need the service bulletin you can access online on a Google folder link here for Sunday or here for Wednesday. You can also attend without it and just experience the sights and sounds of the service.
  • If you have a Book of Common Prayer, have it at hand or use this online version here.


We don’t require anyone to dress up to attend our online or in-person services, although you can if you choose. Some people wear their Sunday best, others dress casually and comfortably. We believe the fact you chose to join us for worship is more important to God than what you wear. Even cozy pajamas are acceptable on Zoom!


Photography and video recording may be in progress while you attend church events (in person or via video). Please be aware that your image may be used by the church in its communications. You accept responsibility to avoid being photographed in large settings when possible and understand that online Zoom worship is recorded and shared, so you will need to take responsibility to turn your video off if you attend such services.

Worship For Kids, Teen & Families

As we teach and celebrate the love of Jesus our family ministry strives to support parents, grandparents, and other grown-ups in their roles as their child’s and teen’s main spiritual mentor.


10:00 am In-Person Church School  

During the school year, St. Gabriel offers in-person church school most Sundays in two classrooms for students in preschool through 7th grade. In June and July we offer a one-room all-age church school classroom. In August children can sit together at tables in the sanctuary with quiet activities.

During the school year students preschool- 3rd grade will gather in a classroom to hear a Godly Play lesson to learn about being one of the “People of God”. This gathering also includes time for prayers, chatting, and choices of fun responses that may be a game, an art project, a themed activity, or free choice from our resource-rich classrooms.

During the school year junior youth group students in 4th-7th grade gather in another classroom for prayers and the lectionary reading. Their responses concentrate on service projects throughout the year by their request. Projects may include organizing the annual Egg Hunt and Advent Cookie Project; assisting local agencies such as food banks, the Beaverton Resource Center or School District; collecting food, books, or health sundries for distribution to the needy; participating in Eco-challenge earth-friendly activities; or designing their own project such as participating in Five Talents to fund microloans in developing countries.

Our teachers are Safe Church Trained, background-checked, and committed to serving children and families in their teaching ministry.

Visiting children are always welcome in church school on a drop-in basis. Please check in with an usher when your family arrives at St. Gabriel’s, and they will direct you. Children will be brought into the sanctuary by teachers in time to take Communion with their families. If you have any questions, please contact our family minister Page Clothier.


Occasionally children skip church school and sit with their families in the sanctuary at 10:00 am for a family-friendly Rite II service with music to experience worship with their church community. They will be provided with pew projects to enhance their worship experience. Children are welcome to celebrate and learn about the love of Jesus at any of our services. Worship is a celebration of belonging and by participating with their church community children learn that they belong to Christ and are welcome in Christ’s church. Worshipping with the church community regularly familiarizes children with our Episcopal way of worshiping including rituals, hymns, and prayers. Inter-generational worship services can offer gifts for worshipers of all ages. Children give us the gift of trust and a fresh point of view, and adults can share the gift of acceptance, experience, and the wisdom of the church through the ages.


Senior youth group 8th – 12th graders are welcome to worship with our church community at 10:00 am or any of our services, either sitting with their families or with our youth minister along with other youth on the purple fleece pew. They are also encouraged to participate by serving as acolytes, ushers, or readers. They will take early Communion and adjourn to our youth room for a short check-in and discussion. Our youth groups generally don’t meet during the summer unless a special event is scheduled like a mission trip.

For more information on our youth group, please go here.


Our acolytes robe up and serve as companions and helpers for our celebrants during worship. The duties include: serving as crucifiers and torchbearers to the server and thurifer; ringing bells; holding the Gospel for the reading; other tasks. Acolyte membership currently consists of 10-15 children and teens ranging in age from 12 to 18 years old, and some adults. We have seen how the experiences acolytes have while serving helps them develop a deeper understanding of our Episcopal liturgy and a closer connection to the church and our church family. Acolyte training sessions are held as needed, especially before High Holy Days.

What Does It Mean To Be An Episcopalian?

St. Gabriel the Archangel Episcopal Church is part of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Oregon, which is a diocese of The Episcopal Church, a community of 2.5 million worshippers in about 120 dioceses across the United States and abroad. We are led by the Bishop of the Diocese of Oregon, The Rt. Rev. Dr. Diana Akiyama, and nationally by Presiding Bishop and Primate of The Episcopal Church The Most Rev. Michael Curry.

“If it’s not about love,
it’s not about God.”

~ Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

The Episcopal Church is part of the larger Anglican Communion, which is a worldwide community of more than 77 million who intentionally maintain community and commonality in prayer and worship in more than 500 dioceses in 164 countries.


The Lord be with you.
And also with you.

God is with us – all of us. As Episcopalians, this reminder is woven throughout our worship services and compels us into lives of faithful action in our communities and worlds, seeking and serving the image of God that is found in every person.

As members of The Episcopal Church, our worship is grounded in the liturgies found in the Book of Common Prayer (BCP). No matter what church you find yourself in, this red book greets you with a wealth of devotional resources and information about the Sacraments of our common spiritual life.

The focal point of our worship services is the Holy Eucharist (also called Mass, Communion, or the Lord’s Table). In this Sacrament, we come together as the family of God to receive the bread and wine, acknowledging our unity with God and each other, and anchoring ourselves in the holy love that strengthens and nourishes us.

In our Baptismal Covenant, which we repeat several times throughout the year, we make the promises that guide how we put our faith into action:

  • We will continue in the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in the prayers.
  • We will persevere in resisting evil, and, whenever we fall into sin, repent, and return to the Lord.
  • We will proclaim the Good News of God in Christ by word and example.
  • We will seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbors as ourselves.
  • We will strive for justice and peace among all people and respect the dignity of every human being.

(BCP p. 304-305)

~From The Episcopal Diocese of Oregon