One of the great joys, and one of the most fulfilling, as members of the Gabriel Center, St. Gabriel the Archangel’s outreach ministry, is sending grants to agencies whose work serves the underserved in our community. This last Christmas season, our committee awarded $1000 grants each to William Temple House, The NAYA Family Center, and the Helping Hands Re-Entry Program. Additionally, PCC Rock Creek Panther Pantry, Westview Cat Cave and Beaverton Clothes for Kids received $500 each.

Some of these bequests were unexpected by the recipients, and others still gratefully received by organizations with which we have continuing relationships. We want to share a few ways the “thanks” has been expressed to the people of St. Gabriel, and some of the impact these donations make.

From Westview High School: “Thank you so very much for your generosity and support of Westview High School’s Free Student Clothing and Household Items Closet, AKA the “Cat Cave”. Your recent donations have made a tangible and lasting positive impact on our homeless and at-risk students…. As of December 6, we had served 130+ Westview students, over more than 400 visits, providing school supplies, clothing and shoes, personal care items, and household supplies, as well as a safe and welcoming space for our students. Without the support of community member such as you, this would not be possible.”

From the Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA): “We are grateful for you, for our community of donors and partners, who have continued to support our mission as we navigate the pandemic and its impacts on the health of our community, providing life-affirming and life-changing services…. Our mission is to enhance the diverse strengths of our youth and families in partnership with the community through cultural identity and education. We could not do this without you! Thank you again for standing with NAYA and Portland’s Native American community.”

From William Temple House:
“Thank you for supporting a stronger, healthier community for our area neighbors!
Your gift of $1000.00 to the Nourish Our Neighbors campaign makes it possible for us to continue providing affordable mental health counseling, healthy food, and more to our community to those most affected by mental health challenges, hunger, and houselessness. Your generosity supports these vital services so everyone in our community is full nourished – emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
Together, we are building a stronger community through counseling, food, and connection. Thank you for joining us to Nourish Our Neighbors.”

From Portland Community College Foundation:
“Thank you for your recent gift in support of student success at Portland Community College. Your contribution will have a lasting impact on our students and our community.
Your investment…allows our students to pursue their goals and continue on a path towards fulfilling careers. And, because of your support, many of our low-income and first-generation college students believe they can finally realize their dreams of high-quality education. Thank you for making this possible!”
And a resounding THANK YOU!! to the community of St. Gabriel from The Gabriel Center. Your support through your pledges, donations, and gifts make this joyous work possible. Please continue on this path with us, doing the work God has given us to do!

~Kathy Prenger, The Gabriel Center

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