Due to the extreme heat, our roof project has been delayed one week- please note new approximate dates.

What’s the status of our new church roof?

First of all, the repair of the water-damaged siding on one side of the church is complete, and it looks great (see photo)! Thanks to all who helped with this part of the project.

Now- we have a roofing update since the announcement last Sunday. On Tuesday August 8 we had the pre-job meeting with the roofing contractors. We are now scheduled to start on the three tab roofing on the steeple portion on Wednesday, August .

On Monday, August 14 the three tab shingles will be delivered and placed on the roof. No cars can be parked that day in the handicapped parking or on the other edge of the circle driveway because we do not know what time the shingles will arrive. The delivery truck will need to use the whole circle to deliver the shingles moving from one place to the other.

On Monday or Tuesday August 14 or 15 the porta-potty will be delivered. It will be placed near the bicycle rack. Therefore, they will need all of the handicap spaces empty to unload the porta-potty.

On Tuesday August 22 the 40-yard dumpster bin will be placed in the circle. They will need the entire circle to place it. If you are there on Tuesday, please do not park in the circle parking lot. As soon as they have unloaded the dumpster, the circle parking lot will be again available.

On Wednesday morning August 23 at 7:00 am they will start working on the pitched roof. They anticipate being done by Friday night August 25.

The crew will work from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm each day until completed. If we get an Oregon rainstorm, they will delay the roofing for one day at a time until they get it done. The entire time they are working on the pitched roof there can be no parking in the circle area, including the handicapped spaces.

On Sunday, August 27 the circle area will be available for parking including the handicap spaces. However, the dumpster will still be there and we will have to avoid it.

On Monday, August 28 the replacement of the flat roof will begin. The crews will work 7:00 am until 6:00 pm Monday through Thursday August 28-31 until it is completed. We anticipate the flat portion of the roof taking two weeks. The circle parking area will be available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday August 25-27 except the dumpster, will still be there.

If you have any questions, please email jr. warden Gene Dietzman at genedietzman@stgabrielpdx.org.

Thanks so much for your patience during this time of upgrading the building!

~Gene Dietzman, Jr. Warden

Roofing/Parking Lot Use Schedule:

NOTE: Dates could change if there is a rain delay or other circumstances

Aug 14- Tuesday, Aug. 15: Please don’t park in handicap parking spaces in circle parking lot
Tuesday, Aug. 15: Don’t park anywhere in the circle parking lot until the dumpster is delivered. Once it is placed you can park there again Tuesday only.
Wednesday, Aug. 16- Saturday, Aug. 19th: Don’t park in the upper circle parking lot including handicap spaces at all. Upper circle lot can be used on Sunday, Aug. 20th.
Monday, Aug. 21- Thursday Aug. 24: Upper circle parking lot closed.
Friday Aug. 25- Sunday Aug. 27: Upper circle parking lot open.

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