YES- we know we all miss seeing each other in person, but to protect those we love we are resuming church school online over Zoom for now. We will continue to monitor the situation and meet in person finally when it feels like the safe thing to do to keep everyone healthy. We will continually assess the situation, specifically on October 31st.

St. Gabriel church school is for kids preschool up, depending on our students’ interest. Our younger students will need some support from grownups, and the older students can serve as mentors to the younger ones. Our lessons are created by teachers and based on the lectionary readings for the day, usually the Gospel. We play a fun online game or have a participatory art activity based on what we have learned. There are always two SAFE church trained teachers online with students and grownups are welcome too. Note that we have a fresh new Zoom link to join in. Get it in the password protected area at the bottom of this page, in The Messenger emailed newsletter, in our weekly e-blast, or by calling our office at 503-645-0744 during office hours.

Participating students should have had a “treasure bag,” delivered to their front porch this week full of church school supplies, Extended Advent materials, and some fun extras. Each student should have their own bag, along with one Advent bag per family. If you would like your child to receive a bag and try out online church school, let us know here.

This school year we will be providing additional support for preschool-age children who have a hard time using Zoom, and will have weekly suggestions for ways for parents to prepare them ahead of time to play the games and participate. Families will have access to the written lesson here so you can prepare younger students or present it to your child yourself if you’d prefer.

We hope to see you online- we will reassess the online vs. in-person situation constantly, specifically on October 31st but maybe earlier. See you online!

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