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Personal Growth

I have often looked at weekends as time to recharge and take a break from doing work. It has been easy to sit back in church and let others acolyte, do readings, host coffee hours, usher…you get the idea.

My attitude about this changed during Holy week when I realized that we need more people to actively participate because there were so many services, multiple readings, etc.  So, I decided to face my fear about not knowing how to pronounce all those people and cities mentioned in some readings and decided to volunteer to be a reader. However, I will start easing into it by reading the Prayers of the People.  I tend to over think things so for me, starting something requires more thought than continuing to do it.

For some of you, standing in front of people might be intimidating, so with the advent of hybrid services we all have the luxury of reading in front of our laptops. Though it might not seem like it is a big help, I was told that it will be very appreciated by existing readers to lighten their load – kind of like “many hands make for light work.”

I encourage us all to check our comfort level and find something you enjoy doing or might enjoy doing.  The beauty of this is that it is not a long-term commitment so if we try something and want to try something different next week, that’s fine.  We never know what new things we do will speak to us and how we will personally and spiritually gain from the experience.

~George Kyler   image from gregburdine

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