Dear Beloved Community –

I’ve been thinking about public witness. At this week’s 9:30 Wednesday Eucharist, several folks witnessed or testified to times in their lives when they felt the very real presence of God working in their lives. I use the words witnessed and testified intentionally because they conjure up images of tent revivals, I actually said that it was like we were having a mini-revival. Words like a revival, witnessing, and testifying are not ones we are used to hearing very often in an Episcopal church but our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and his Evangelism Team have been organizing “Episcopal Revivals” across the country. So, they are words we should be hearing and talking about.

It was a Holy Spirit moment to be graced with hearing people I have come to know and love share their faith in this way on Wednesday. It was truly powerful. I wish more of you could have been there to experience it and perhaps to share your testimony. I also realize that the Wednesday Eucharist is attended by a group of “regulars” who have come to know, trust, and pray for the healing of each other. It is, even on Zoom, an intimate and safe space. This is what has got me thinking. What other ways can we create intimate, safe spaces for ourselves? This is not a question I want to try and answer by myself. I’m hoping that perhaps some of you who are reading this might hear the Holy Spirit calling you to work with me to think creatively about how it might happen. I see part of my job as your priest to toss out these spiritually baited fish hooks to see who strikes which I guess sort of makes me a fisher of people. So, consider this baited hook tossed into the waters of St. Gabriel. Can I get a witness?

In the peace and love of Christ,

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