Everyone is invited to join us for the first ever performance of our original Advent play “God’s Gift to Us: Immanuel.” The play is about the prophesies of Isaiah that the Messiah is coming in the form of a child, and then the events leading up to (but not including) the birth of Christ. The story leaves us still waiting anxiously for the baby to be born.

The play was written by Page Clothier based on the book The Lectionary Story Bible by Ralph Milton. Page is directing the play with much help from Whitney Joshi, Abby Mulcahy, Gabbi Boyle, Ava Martin, and Aiden McKee. Page created the costumes and props. The music was arranged by music director Jessica Israel and will be performed by Jessica, David Saffert, and members of the choir.

At the 8:00 am service our senior youth leaders Abby Mulcahy and Gabbi Boyle will do a live reading of the play without music, and at the 10:00 am service 20 children and teens will perform the play with music.

This play is a very special presentation and offered as a gift to St. Gabriel’s, and we hope you can join us in-person or over Zoom!
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NOTES to performers and parents:
Children participating in the play performance at 10:00 am should come to their regular classrooms at 10:00 am: preschool- 3rd grade classroom #2 and 4th-7th grade classroom #4 (youth room), to get their costumes on and prepare.
Senior youth/teen participants can sit on the purple pew with Abby and Gabbi until performance time (in place of the sermon).
If your child is sick or otherwise unable to attend and play their part, PLEASE contact Page by texting her at 503-720-1254 and letting her know so we can arrange a substitute.
After the performance, children will come back into the sanctuary to sit with their families with a pew project.
Prayers that you stay well, and see you Sunday!

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