Yes, we had terrible technical difficulties on Sunday, December 18th, but we still did our best to still capture a video version of our children’s Advent play with music “God’s Gift to Us: Immanuel,” and it was wonderful! Thanks to everyone who assisted in presenting this production as a gift to St. Gabriel the Archangel’s congregation.

The play about the prophecies and events leading up to the birth of Christ was adapted by Page Clothier from The Lectionary Story Bible by Ralph Milton. The music was arranged by Jessica Israels.

It can be viewed at link here, with the play starting at the 26 minute point.

At 8:00 am our senior youth ministers Abby Mulcahy and Gabbi Boyle presented a live reading of the play, and that is available at a link here starting at the 12 minute point.

Finally, to view our favorite children’s version of the nativity story “The Story of Christmas” as told by the children of St Paul’s Church, Auckland, New Zealand, click on the YouTube link here.


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