Join Us for an Adult Formation Class on Understanding the Parables

Come Monday, May 8, from 6:00 to 7:00 pm, in the church library or online via Zoom to learn what to look for and discuss Jesus’ parables. What is a parable anyway, and how is it different from a fable or moral tale? What is unique about Jesus’ parables? How might his listeners have received them? How can we take meaning from them in our world today?

Parables were important to Jesus – the Gospels relate at least 30 of them. But if you sometimes read or listen to one of Jesus’ parables and are left scratching your head, wondering what it means, you’re definitely not alone! Even his disciples sometimes asked for help. How can we gain a better understanding of these very special stories?

Carol Reifsteck will be facilitating our group, looking at several parables in depth. Put May 8 on your calendar and join us for a lively discussion. Newer members are most welcome – this is a great way to get involved and meet more people.

To get the Zoom link, please contact the church office or 503-645-0744. For those of you on Zoom, we have new equipment that will improve the sound and visual quality.

Hope to see you there!

Rod MacDow
Adult Formation Ministry

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